Are We Still Using Our Dining Tables?

I know I know! Finally a blog about home decor and trends. I sometimes have the urge to write about how I feel versus what others may want to me to talk about. My apologies for just going with the flow of things!

So in my years of working in home furnishings, store design, and retail, the need for formal dining in my opinion is becoming obsolete. I have been working for furniture companies for about 7 years now and I am seeing dining tables getting smaller and smaller or being used without the extended leaves. Why you may ask? The functionality of dining spaces are not what they use to be. The world has turned into an up and go/ fast paced generation. Families are not sitting at the table talking about their day. Families are only using their dining tables for family functions/ holidays.

You are seeing more of open concept dining areas, where the only piece of furniture you need for eating are barstools. You might have a round dining table and four chairs just for casual purposes but the island is being used more often for a quick breakfast and coffee. When families settle home after a long day, you will notice the first thing you do is take you shoes and coat off and go straight to the living room where you have your casual beer using your lift top cocktail table to set your remotes and food to enjoy one of your favorite shows.

My predictions for dining spaces to come is this:

Photography taken from Pinterest.
This is not my work.
  1. More furniture options for casual dining. As the use of traditional/formal dining becomes more irrelevant, I can see formal dining options becoming slimmer. This option will not necessarily go away because older generations will still have a use for their dining tables. With their mindset to keep family traditions, some options will continue to cater to them, however, casual dining will be more in forefront for awhile until the consumer trends change.
  2. More barstool options. I am already seeing different options in barstools but in the direction of them looking more industrialized. The use of fabric on barstools are still being used but I do not see these options becoming broader. I am seeing a lot in usage of wood and metal. If a barstool is being used in fabric, it for the dining space with a counter height dining table but thats about it.
  3. Need for open concept kitchens more and/or large ranges for outdoor spaces. This day in age, cookouts are becoming more of thing than eating indoors with your family. Using outdoors for entertainment is being more frequent. Open concept kitchens will still be relevant. I do not see open concept kitchens going away.
  4. Might see more of outdoor being used for dining. I’ve seen outdoor furniture come and go in terms of outdoor sectionals and sofas but as for outdoor dining I am seeing a lot of it. I do not believe that outdoor furniture will leave but will later see more of it in the future. I can not wait to see the new assortments going forward.

All these are my opinion based on what I’ve seen the most of in my years in retail. As always, I appreciate you guys for reading. What do you believe is the cause of these changes in dining spaces? I would love to hear your input.