How I Maintain My Youthful & Glowy Skin: My Daily Skincare Routine (Day & Night)


I wrote a blog about this previously but a few things have changed since then and I wanted to update you guys. I always get asked on the regular basis about how my skin stays clear and youthful.

People believe that I do not have breakouts or blemishes.

WRONG! I have issues with a pimples and blemishes. My skin is not perfect, however I take real good care of my skin daily. My grandmother has always told me to take care of my skin and never walk outside with a bonnet/rollers in my head even if I am walking to the mailbox. She sold Mary Kay products and taught me a lot about drinking lots of water and taking care of my skin. I am still struggling with drinking enough water because all I drink is sweet tea and coffee. Any one that knows my grandmother is that her skin is FLAWLESS. Smooth, clear, and always on point. So without further or do let’s get into it.


Quick Overview of my Skin Type:

I have combination to normal skin. My T- zone gets oily from time to time depending on the season. In the summer, my skin gets EXTREMELY oily in the T-Zone verses in the colder months my skin gets EXTREMELY dry. I break out monthly during ” the time of the month” other than that I do not breakout often unless I am not being consistent with my skin care routine.


Morning Skin Care Routine:

If I wake up early enough, I cleanse my face with grape seed oil. If you have not heard of the oil cleansing method I can link a few YouTube videos that breaks it down step by step.

Step 1: Massage Grape seed Oil on my skin for about five minutes.

Step 2: Wet a face towel with warm water ( not too hot but warm enough to see some steam on your towel), place the towel on your face, and keep it on your face until the towel is no longer warm.

Side note: The steam on your towel allows the grape seed oil to go into your pores.

Step 3: Tone with a toner of your choice. I use witch hazel.

Step 4: MOISTURIZE. I used a dime size of grape seed oil, Olay Moisturizer, and Banana Bright Eye Cream by Ole Henriken.

Night Time Skin Care Routine:

Step 1: Cleanse with Olay Cleanser. I use a cleanser at night because my face tends to get oily throughout the day. I also sometimes wear makeup. Followed-up with the Oil Cleansing method with Grape seed Oil.

Why do both methods for cleansing? The Olay Cleanser gets all of the dirt out of my skin from being out all day. The oil cleansing method gets any excess dirt out of my skin while also moisturizing my skin.

Step 2: Tone with Witch Hazel

Step 3: Moisturize. I use a dime size of the grape seed oil, a night cream by Neutrogena or Palmers Night Cream for blemishes and an eye gel by Mary Kay.

Why I moisturize so much in the morning and over night? It gives my skin time to absorb all of the moisture it needs while I sleep. I wake up with subtle and soft skin every morning because of it. In the morning, I get to prep my skin for the day. My skin needs moisture through out the day.

Other Steps I do as needed:

Exfoliate as needed– I used to exfoliate every other day but that became way too harsh for my skin. I now exfoliate as needed. Maybe once a week or once every two weeks.  I know some people are against this product but I still use it. St. Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub

Facial Mask: I do a facial once a week. I try a lot of facial mask. I use one by Shea Moisture , however, consistently (Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Mud Mask ) and I love sheet mask that I get from my local dollar store.


This is my ENTIRE  skin care routine from start to finish including the products I utilize consistently. Consistency is truly the key. Knowing what you skin needs in the hotter and colder seasons helps as well. It just all depends on your skin. Everything I do may not work for you but I would most definitely try out the Oil Cleansing Method starting off and see how your skin reacts to it. This method can also be used for people with oily skin.


Thank you for reading this long blog and I really hope my tips and tricks work for you!


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Memphian Living in Nashville: My first Art Crawl Experience



I have now been a resident of the 615 for close to two years now and haven’t gotten out. I have been sitting on my butt until my good friend Miranda pretty much forced me to get the feel of Nashville. I appreciate her for getting me out. I do not know the hotspots yet. Still learning how to navigate this overwhelmingly crowded city.


Like seriously, Downtown Nashville is always crowded. ALWAYS crowded. Me being the introverted person I am, too many people equals too much for me.

Art By Herb Williams. Media: Crayons Instagram: @herbwilliamsart



So the art crawl is basically like a bar hop for Art Galleries. You start at the Arcade and work your way to the Art Galleries on the strip. Never experienced anything like this before. I was super excited to see the local art and talk with some of the local artists. Oh you also get free cocktails! Free Drinks and Free Art, you can not go wrong here.


Art at the Gallery. Artist: Unknown

 I enjoyed my first art crawl experience. I will definitely go again! If you are in the Nashville area they have this event first Saturday of month.




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What I’m focusing on in 2018. Love, Growth, & Prosperity


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Photography by Jarvis Hughes


It is getting closer to that time of the year where we decide to be reflective of our lives. We  start to look back at our New Year’s Resolutions, Vision Boards, and To Do lists to measure our progress of the year. However, I would like to challenge everyone to ask yourself where did you become better.


What did you accomplish and focus on that. Become celebratory of the hurdles you’ve jumped.

What did you begin and plan to finish? Make goals to accomplish those this coming up year.

What relationships stayed and which ones disappear? Pay attention to those and nurture them.

We often focus on what we did not do instead of what we have done. Even if it is not much of an accomplishment, you made a step forward.


This year, for me, was a year of learning myself. What I can tolerate. What I can no longer tolerate. What makes me happy. What makes me unhappy. When should I speak? When should I not speak? What makes me who I am as a person.

So, with that being said, I have decided to focus on what made me happy this year and continue do more of that. these are a few things I am focusing on coming into the new year.


Photography by Jarvis Hughes



Loving more. What I mean by loving more, has zero to do with my love life. Loving everyone that I come encounter with. Just geunienly giving love back to the world. The way this world is headed we all need a little love, right?


Living in the moment. Living more in the moment, instead of documenting my every move on social media has helped me this year. I enjoy moments with others and keep those moments close to my heart.

Stopping the over-thinking. I am the queen of over thinking. Even when stuff goes right, I overthink. What if this doesn’t go how I picture it? What if I am being completely used by this man, just for his own personal gain? See how this gets you completely no where? The more you over think, the more you stop moving. I vow to myself to stop the over thinking.

Travel more/Experience More People. I spent way too much time in TN this year. I need to get out a little bit. I will make myself travel more and see the world. I honestly believe, I am not meeting more great people because I have not experienced the world enough.



Continue getting closer to God. The bible saved me this year. If it truly wasn’t for God, I could not get through this year. With God, I am loved and comforted. The closer I am to him, the more I understand my true self.

Doing what I love more. Not just career wise, but also in a general sense. I have always had the love to help others. It makes me happy really. Nothing brings me more joy than to do something that makes my heart happy.I need to do more of that for sure.

Eliminate Distractions. Social Media, I swear you have been the death of me. I am so distracted by other people’s lives that I found myself comparing my moves with theirs. However, this coming year, there will be none of that stuff. Social Media, you will not win this battle.

Stop making excuses and just do. I make a lot of excuses as to why I do not do something. there is always an excuse. I can not do “this” because of “that”. Well, no more excuses. This road to happiness requires no excuses.

Letting the old things go while replacing them with better things.  I have decided to let things go that do not make me happy or add to my growth completely. You can not have any growth if you are still living in old soil. So for now on, old hurt and mistakes will not define me and my decisions in life. They are hindering me more than anything.


What are your goals for 2018? What have you accomplished this year? Share in the comments .Even if you believe you have not accomplished a thing. Be Great



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