Why We Shouldn’t Tell Our Little Black Queens to Straighten Their Hair

I was parking into Smoothie King because I was craving a 20oz Chocolate Hulk and came upon this little girl that walk in with a woman that wasn’t that same race as her. Looked like they were in the same vehicle. Wasn’t sure if she was her mom, adopted mom, or whatever. In other words, I was unsure of her relation to her so excuse my ignorance. I walked into the Smoothie King and the lady was ordering them both fruit smoothies. The little girl glanced at me twice. Once she smiled and I smiled back at her. The second time it looked like she wanted to say something but did not want to come off weird. She seemed to be very shy and not very confident in her skin. She had a cute TWA, stylish glasses and glanced at the floor from time to time.

“Two 20oz Passion Smoothies please,” says the lady. After she ordered their smoothies, she asked the little girl,” So are you going to let your hair grow out? Or allow it to grow longer??” The little black queen responded with,” I am not sure. I cut it off short. It might grow I do not know.” The little black queen glanced away from her for a little bit and then looked at the floor as if she was uncomfortable with how this conversation is going. The lady replies, ” Oh, well I like it like that. Can you comb through it??”

When she asked her that question I almost said something. I was very close to interrupting but I let the conversation to continue. Little black queen replied,” It is sometimes hard to comb through it. I might need someone to help me.” The lady replies,” Well, as I said before I love your hair how it is.” Little Black Queen responded with a huge grin,” Thank you so much.”

When I saw the little black queen’s face light up after that comment I then knew that when I have a little black queen of my own I will never let her feel insecure in her own skin. I remember when I first went natural. One day, I decided to grow my hair out and cut it off. I literally walked down stairs one day with short curly hair and my mom was very supportive of it, however, people at school was not here for it. They were saying,” Why would you cut all of that hair?! Are you going to straighten it?!” When my fro started to get bigger,” I bet your hair would be down your back if you straighten it! You should straighten it!.”

The south is a great place to be but also it will test your confidence. So many people are too worried about other people’s appearance. Too worried about how long someone’s hair is. Too concerned about how everyone else is dressed for church. Just overall nosey, but that is the south for you. We have to watch what we say to our little girls. This world is already criticizing them daily. We do not need to add to that as well. When they go home, their home should not be as judgmental and stressful as their every day life is. We are their safe haven. We are their support system. We are their extra ounce of confidence. So to that little black queen I saw in smoothie king, you looked amazing and you wore your TWA ( tiny weeny Afro) so well. Keep your head high. You are beautiful. You will have some days with your hair that you will not feel as confident but you will get through those days.

A painting I did for my best friend’s nursery

Give The Same Energy: My Christian Journey

Photograph found on Pinterest

So on May 26, 2019, I was at church for morning service and while we were taking communion I saw this little girl looking at the bread and juice that we were eating. She seemed to be feeling some kind of way because she was excluded from taking communion with everyone else. I could literally see her mouth these words,” Why can’t I have some?” I know I should of been more focused on taking communion but this child reminded me so much of myself.

When I was little, I remember being at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church and seeing everyone take communion or in my eyes eating a snack at church. I vaguely remember having the same reaction to communion as this little girl at my home church in Gallatin, TN, “Oh mama, I want some.” As most people that know me know that I hate to be excluded from things. I blame being the youngest for majority of my life to later being the middle child but that can be discussed in another blog. I am also very curious and always asking why. This was one of those moments of asking,”Well, why can’t I have a snack from the Lord?” This still cracks me up to this day. Fast forward to my first baptism, I remember being very young and being dumped into water. I remember having my first communion, that I was so excited about having. I finally got my snack from the Lord. Ha! I attended other churches after that , Christ Missionary Baptist (Memphis,TN) , New Direction Christian Church (Memphis,TN) , just to name a few. (Which I still love these congregations. They are literally my family!)

However, I do not think I took my christian walk/ journey seriously until I went to college. Well, it was little before that, maybe senior year of high school. I started reading the Bible for myself. Somethings wasn’t making sense biblically for me. I started going back to little ole me and asking “why” often. I turned back into a baby in christ to gain understanding of the Bible in it’s entirely. My best friend and sister Erica Roberts actually was the person that helped with my christian journey. If I had a question about the Bible she helped me understand it. I remember her inviting me to her church home, Quince Church of Christ and I visited. I believe I got re-baptized that Wednesday night. So yes, I was raised mostly in baptist churches and then I converted in college to church of christ.

I did not think that it was a huge deal to be “converted”. I honestly did not know what being “converted” into something else was. My mentality was simply this, the church is the body of believers NOT the building. I was just walking my christian journey searching for the truth. in other words, minding my own christian walk/business. I, for certain, had some backlash along the way. “YOU CONVERTED TO COC? WHY WOULD YOU?” “YOU KNOW THAT’S THE CHURCH THAT THINKS THEY ARE THE ONLY CHURCH THATS GOING TO HEAVEN RIGHT?!” “I WOULDN’T DARE ALLOW MY CHILDREN TO CONVERT TO THEM.” I was completely ignorant to these statements and I felt like an outcast. I wasn’t aware that the church of christ had such a bad rep nor did it concern me. I was literally just walking my journey with christ in search for the truth and understanding. I didn’t think I was going to heaven because of being “converted” into the church of Christ. So, it is safe to say I did not allow these comments to stop me from going to my home church. I am also aware of the judgmental attitude that some church of christ members had towards people that aren’t church of Christ. Which for certain isn’t christ like.

So back then, I was ignorant to communion which wasn’t indeed a snack (Ha!) to growing to truly understanding the Bible in context. So where do I stand with my christian journey today? I am no longer in search of the “truth or understand.” I am still studying the Bible which this year I decided to read the whole bible as my annual devotional. I recommend starting with the Bible Project. You can find it on the Bible app and it is truly amazing. The focus for this year is being more christ like in my daily life. I pay attention to if what I am saying, what I support and the way I act aligns with God’s word. I’ve also been focusing on my overall relationship with God. Talking and journaling to God more has helped me also get closer to him. As for a church home, I attend West Eastland Church of Christ. I visit other congregations from time to time that aren’t necessarily always church of christ. (Churches that are bible teaching churches because not all churches are created equal.) I am a huge fan of Michael Todd at Transformation Church. You can literally find all of his sermons on youtube.

What I want people to learn from my story is to continue your walk even when you are criticized for it. Continue to search for what you do not understand to gain knowledge. Determine what you need in your christian walk to get closer to God. Give the same energy that we give people we don’t know, like Beyonce, to God. Give the same energy from going to concerts and brunches as to going to worship with God at church. Basically, show up for God like we do for everyone else. The Lord wants us to congregate and worship with his people and bring lost souls to him. We are here to serve people and not ourselves. Do not be lazy with God. Our spiritual lives are just as important as our physical bodies. Just a reminder, your walk is YOUR walk. It is just you and God and the opinion of others do not matter. WHEW! I did not mean to end this blog all preachy. I am not perfect in any shape form or fashion. I am still learning daily about our savior and as you can see my walk with God was not perfect. As much Christian walks, perfect Ha!

Dating in My 30’s: Why Am I Single and Content

Photography by Trey Easter

For the amount of years I’ve been single, I thought that there was something truly wrong with me. I would go on dates and something just did not seem to click, really. The guys I were attracting seem to be a glimpse of my insecurities in human form. What do I mean by this? Every guy that I was attracting was something that I needed to work on within myself.

I need wine.

Guys with ALOT of insecurities that needed reassurance every five minutes. Guys that needed to know my every move because they wanted to be in control and/or had trust issues. Guys that blocked people when they didn’t necessarily agree as to how they reacted to things. Guys that were overly critical of every thing people did to try to make them a “better” person. Guys that were very selfish and always wanted things to be done and go their way. SO basically, I was attracting guys that were very capable of being overly attached to anyone they were dating at the time by being controlling.


And this is when I realized something. Was I attracting flawed parts of myself that I haven’t healed yet? Yup! Was I attracting experiences that I have not healed from in the past? ABSOLUTELY! It took me several years to get it with God’s help. There were several things I prayed about to God that allowed me to heal and become content in my singleness.

“When you have God on speed dial and he tells you about your self “

I prayed for God to work on my discernment when it came to not ONLY men but people in general. We all know when we pray for things God send test. WHEW! When I tell you I was TESTED by God. I was literally getting the same people in my life for several years until I started to pay attention to my intuition. If something didn’t feel right about a person, I literally gave that person to God in prayer after I continuously kept attracting the same people over and over again. I was so frustrated that I was like OKAY GOD HERE! How funny that I thought I could heal alone. Nu uh.

I prayed for healing and contentment within myself. I was in place mentally that I thought I wasn’t really good enough for love. This was certainly a hard pill to swallow. In order to be ready for someone new in my life, I had to find contentment in myself and heal from previous experiences. It took a lot of years of work and God surely help me with that.

I prayed to allow God to take full control over not just my love life but my ENTIRE life. Now this was very hard to pray for because I am somewhat of a control freak. Well, I can be at times. I like things to be in order, communicated well, absolutely perfect, but we all know life DOES NOT work that way. When you allow God to take over your life, it will force you to get out of your comfort zone. It’s an uncomfortable journey I must say and your faith will be tested. Ask me how I KNOW?! Going through it now. HA!

“Ah, when she finally knows her value as a woman”

So my experiences while dating in my 30’s is simply this, I have been attracting things and people that I do not want because I haven’t dealt with the past. I haven’t really met a man that is truly ready to date because I, myself, was very unsure if I wanted to date. My journey to finding true and genuine love is mostly within myself. Happy I finally realized that. Maybe there was something wrong with me. I did not value myself enough to allow true love to come in. I have finally healed from the past and I thank God for it.

Uninspired & Bothered


Photography by Jarvis Hughes

So, I went to my hometown Memphis, TN last weekend and on my way back I got stuck in traffic. So stuck in traffic that a 3 hour drive back to Nashville turned into a 5 and half hour drive. I was stuck, stuck. Bumper to Bumper stuck. Stomping on the brakes stuck. Going a good 2 mph stuck. So when I approached traffic, I panicked/ immediately got annoyed. 

“What alternative routes do I have?”

“This is a straight shot until Nashville. No, exits in sight that would help me get to Nashville sooner. So basically, I am stuck here.”

I bared those extra hours. While, I was in traffic I spoke with my best friend for a little bit until it was time for her to hit the sack. 

A few hours passed after. I was looking at the time and then my GPS alternating between the two just to see how many miles of traffic I had left to torture myself through. I truly did not feel like I was getting back home any sooner. I am stuck here for a little while longer. After every extra hour passed, I was getting more and more frustrated. So frustrated that I literally screamed in my car, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!” Anyone that knows me know that I am very impatient! (God is still working on me, do not judge.) 

I would say this,”Traffic started moving after I screamed.” HA! that’s when I realized something. 

This experience reminded of how I literally could not get out of a creative funk. I was stuck, stuck in my head. So stuck that I could not get inspired to write, draw, etc. I had no clue why I was creatively stuck. I was literally at a creative stand still. 

My mind then immediately thought of this scripture:

Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God,”

How often do we force things when God is telling us to be still? To sit? To do nothing? To rest? To trust him?

We do it way too often. While I was being uninspired I was trying to force my creativity by making myself draw something or even go back to old blogs to get inspired. Just like getting stuck in traffic, I wanted to force myself through traffic but I had no way out. God wanted me to wait for the perfect opportunity to create. God wanted me to trust him, instead I wasn’t seeking him I was trying to figure out everything on my own. God wanted me to call on him instead of myself hence the ,”OH MY GOD!” moment. 

One thing I prayed for this year was for God to use me in everything that I do and to touch those that God wanted me to touch with my gifts. 

Photography by Jarvis Hughes

With that being said, I couldn’t just make myself get out of a funk that I needed to be in just to inspire others. If I started to create while being in a funk, I would of produced some crap. Things that were forced. It’s only human to want to control every aspect of our lives, but that’s not what God wants us to do. He wants to be in control. He wants that bests for us. So the next time you are uninspired just take time and go with the flow. Ride the wave until it is time to create again. Do not force anything because anything forced is not you best. Do not be like me and try to force your way out. You will only get pushed back into the funk.

Are We Still Using Our Dining Tables?

I know I know! Finally a blog about home decor and trends. I sometimes have the urge to write about how I feel versus what others may want to me to talk about. My apologies for just going with the flow of things!

So in my years of working in home furnishings, store design, and retail, the need for formal dining in my opinion is becoming obsolete. I have been working for furniture companies for about 7 years now and I am seeing dining tables getting smaller and smaller or being used without the extended leaves. Why you may ask? The functionality of dining spaces are not what they use to be. The world has turned into an up and go/ fast paced generation. Families are not sitting at the table talking about their day. Families are only using their dining tables for family functions/ holidays.

You are seeing more of open concept dining areas, where the only piece of furniture you need for eating are barstools. You might have a round dining table and four chairs just for casual purposes but the island is being used more often for a quick breakfast and coffee. When families settle home after a long day, you will notice the first thing you do is take you shoes and coat off and go straight to the living room where you have your casual beer using your lift top cocktail table to set your remotes and food to enjoy one of your favorite shows.

My predictions for dining spaces to come is this:

Photography taken from Pinterest.
This is not my work.
  1. More furniture options for casual dining. As the use of traditional/formal dining becomes more irrelevant, I can see formal dining options becoming slimmer. This option will not necessarily go away because older generations will still have a use for their dining tables. With their mindset to keep family traditions, some options will continue to cater to them, however, casual dining will be more in forefront for awhile until the consumer trends change.
  2. More barstool options. I am already seeing different options in barstools but in the direction of them looking more industrialized. The use of fabric on barstools are still being used but I do not see these options becoming broader. I am seeing a lot in usage of wood and metal. If a barstool is being used in fabric, it for the dining space with a counter height dining table but thats about it.
  3. Need for open concept kitchens more and/or large ranges for outdoor spaces. This day in age, cookouts are becoming more of thing than eating indoors with your family. Using outdoors for entertainment is being more frequent. Open concept kitchens will still be relevant. I do not see open concept kitchens going away.
  4. Might see more of outdoor being used for dining. I’ve seen outdoor furniture come and go in terms of outdoor sectionals and sofas but as for outdoor dining I am seeing a lot of it. I do not believe that outdoor furniture will leave but will later see more of it in the future. I can not wait to see the new assortments going forward.

All these are my opinion based on what I’ve seen the most of in my years in retail. As always, I appreciate you guys for reading. What do you believe is the cause of these changes in dining spaces? I would love to hear your input.

Only You Know| Get Yourself and Others Out of Your Head

Ah, I feel like I am sometimes the only person that consistently lives in their head. I am so much in my head that I hinder my dreams in a sense. Constantly piling my thoughts with what ifs and should ofs, I successfully drain myself daily with negativity and second thoughts. Creating an endless loop of thinking about things and not doing anything. Fun fact that everyone should know by now: WE ARE OUR WORST CRITIC. I am most definitely my worst critic and I also overanalyze. Always in my head. It gets overwhelming no doubt. I, however, have learned to spend less time out of my head and more time out doing things.

So how did I manage to do this? Simply by understanding that I am not alone here. There are plenty of people out here that have been through the same thing you have. Speaking things that are in your head out to those that you love can help with figuring out what you actually need to do. The only thing with this is understanding who you can give your issues to without them giving unsolicited advice. Not everyone around you can give you the advice that you need to hear and sometimes you simply just need to vent.

In reality, sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with so many ideas that we scare ourselves out of doing things. When this happens writing down everything in a journal helps. Writing things down allows your to prioritize your thoughts making them not so overwhelming. I personally write down my prayers as well so I can get my thoughts out to the Lord.

So I honestly hope these tips helped. I know there is a lot going on since the New Year. February is almost gone and everyone has set goals and aren’t really meeting their goals. So I highly understand the struggle. As always, God bless!

A Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

I am finally at the end of my 20’s and these two decades of life were a part in helping to become the woman I am today. So much uncertainty. So much heartbreak. So many learning experiences. So much of figuring myself out, but if I had to write a letter to my 20 year old self I would say the following:

Dear 20 Year Old Self,

Stop doubting yourself. You have so many ideas and things to share in this world and they are all brilliant. Doubting yourself set you back a little bit but later you became your own woman. Stop listening to what everyone wants for your life and start listening to your intuition. There are so many people around you trying to tell you about what you should and should not do. I know for certain that you do not like people getting in your head. Do not listen but ask God to reveal what he wants you to do. Being you is more than enough. Previously, I told you to stop doubting yourself. Being you will help others to be themselves. You have the power to change the world with just being who you are. Everyone around you will not appreciate who you are but you are called to not please everyone. You are only suppose to touch who God wants you to touch. Anyone that doesn’t love you back, needs to be eliminated. Even if you do not eliminate it now, God will eliminate it later. You often hold on to things that aren’t healthy for you because you fear of being alone. You will not be alone because God will bring people around you that will help you bring your light to others. You beat yourself up too much for making mistakes. Later, you will learn that those mistakes we made to help others. You are just amazing in your 20’s as you are in your incoming 30’s.

Be YOU because people will talk about you even if you do not be YOURSELF. Continue to be HONEST because someone will appreciate it. Continue to be kindhearted, you have always put others before yourself. KEEP shining. People will try to dim your light. DO not allow them. A good friend told me to never make yourself smaller to make others feel bigger. You are not small. You are a huge part of this world. Do not forget that.

P.S. Being 30 and not finishing all the things on your list is not the end of the world. This is just the beginning. God got you.

From your 30 year old self,

I Am Not The Loudest Person In The Room: Being True to Yourself

I was never really the popular person in school. I was a competitive cheerleader in both middle and high school but barely talked to my cheer mates. Often quiet in class and rarely raised my hand to speak. I didn’t really talk to a lot of people in school back then but however everyone remembered as the quiet cheerleader. Furthermore, most knew me as so & so’s little sister or so & so’s daughter or even so & so’s cousin. No identity of my own really. Without an identity in school while being so & so’s something, I still stayed true to myself. OH! and for the longest ever, I was the youngest in the family which did not help my situation what so ever.

In college, I only hung out with a few a people. Really the same people every single day. My major was quite demanding with school work, but sometimes I managed to make it to the probates and even a few homecoming parties. I wouldn’t say I was shy during this time. I was just very selective as to whom I let in my space as I’ve always been. I knew early on that most could not be trusted. Even though I wasn’t around much, many people remembered my face. My best friend Erica and I hung out with each other almost daily. Basically, we had each other in college and that’s all that mattered to me. I stayed true to myself.

Now Today, I have managed to gain more friendships but I am still the same person. The introverted woman that is still selective as to whom she keeps around. Still free spirited. Still independent. Still move to her own beat. Still have the same friends with a select few added. I am now a signed model, a designer, a writer, and new to youtube and still myself. My social media following is slim to none but still make an impact through everything I do. My plan is remain myself in everything that I decide to pursue. The point is basically this, being yourself is enough in this world. Do not allow anyone to tell you differently. Your accomplish and goals do not care what kind of person you are. God does not care what kind of person you are because he will still use you to relate to someone else. You will get where you want to be. You will find a path that is right for you. Your will move forward in life and all you have to do is just be yourself. I hope everyone had a great holiday and HELLO 2019!

How I Maintain My Youthful & Glowy Skin: My Daily Skincare Routine (Day & Night)


I wrote a blog about this previously but a few things have changed since then and I wanted to update you guys. I always get asked on the regular basis about how my skin stays clear and youthful.

People believe that I do not have breakouts or blemishes.

WRONG! I have issues with a pimples and blemishes. My skin is not perfect, however I take real good care of my skin daily. My grandmother has always told me to take care of my skin and never walk outside with a bonnet/rollers in my head even if I am walking to the mailbox. She sold Mary Kay products and taught me a lot about drinking lots of water and taking care of my skin. I am still struggling with drinking enough water because all I drink is sweet tea and coffee. Any one that knows my grandmother is that her skin is FLAWLESS. Smooth, clear, and always on point. So without further or do let’s get into it.


Quick Overview of my Skin Type:

I have combination to normal skin. My T- zone gets oily from time to time depending on the season. In the summer, my skin gets EXTREMELY oily in the T-Zone verses in the colder months my skin gets EXTREMELY dry. I break out monthly during ” the time of the month” other than that I do not breakout often unless I am not being consistent with my skin care routine.


Morning Skin Care Routine:

If I wake up early enough, I cleanse my face with grape seed oil. If you have not heard of the oil cleansing method I can link a few YouTube videos that breaks it down step by step.

Step 1: Massage Grape seed Oil on my skin for about five minutes.

Step 2: Wet a face towel with warm water ( not too hot but warm enough to see some steam on your towel), place the towel on your face, and keep it on your face until the towel is no longer warm.

Side note: The steam on your towel allows the grape seed oil to go into your pores.

Step 3: Tone with a toner of your choice. I use witch hazel.

Step 4: MOISTURIZE. I used a dime size of grape seed oil, Olay Moisturizer, and Banana Bright Eye Cream by Ole Henriken.

Night Time Skin Care Routine:

Step 1: Cleanse with Olay Cleanser. I use a cleanser at night because my face tends to get oily throughout the day. I also sometimes wear makeup. Followed-up with the Oil Cleansing method with Grape seed Oil.

Why do both methods for cleansing? The Olay Cleanser gets all of the dirt out of my skin from being out all day. The oil cleansing method gets any excess dirt out of my skin while also moisturizing my skin.

Step 2: Tone with Witch Hazel

Step 3: Moisturize. I use a dime size of the grape seed oil, a night cream by Neutrogena or Palmers Night Cream for blemishes and an eye gel by Mary Kay.

Why I moisturize so much in the morning and over night? It gives my skin time to absorb all of the moisture it needs while I sleep. I wake up with subtle and soft skin every morning because of it. In the morning, I get to prep my skin for the day. My skin needs moisture through out the day.

Other Steps I do as needed:

Exfoliate as needed– I used to exfoliate every other day but that became way too harsh for my skin. I now exfoliate as needed. Maybe once a week or once every two weeks.  I know some people are against this product but I still use it. St. Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub

Facial Mask: I do a facial once a week. I try a lot of facial mask. I use one by Shea Moisture , however, consistently (Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Mud Mask ) and I love sheet mask that I get from my local dollar store.


This is my ENTIRE  skin care routine from start to finish including the products I utilize consistently. Consistency is truly the key. Knowing what you skin needs in the hotter and colder seasons helps as well. It just all depends on your skin. Everything I do may not work for you but I would most definitely try out the Oil Cleansing Method starting off and see how your skin reacts to it. This method can also be used for people with oily skin.


Thank you for reading this long blog and I really hope my tips and tricks work for you!


Jamie VeniceWriter/Artist/ Model/ Interior Stylist

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Why “Not” Having It All Together by 30 is Okay


Photography by Treveylan Easter- kineticsmediagroup.myportfolio.com 

Who has anxiety about turning 30? Who starts to panic because they have  not accomplished what they thought they should in their 20’s? Who put so much pressure on themselves that they did NOT get everything on their vision board ?

If you said, yes to all of these things then you, my friend, are not alone.

I am turning 30 in a couple of months, January, 24th to be exact, and I haven’t done the following:

Made a solid decision of my future

Found a man. I’m single AF. ( Sorry mom, no wedding and/ or grand kids this year.)

Traveled the world. (I am broke, bruh.)

Let’s just say, I am not “living my best” life at the moment, but you know what I am okay with that.

What I have learned in my 20’s is that it is okay to explore a little bit.

We put so much unrealistic expectations on ourselves that we often forget to just live life for a moment and look at where you have grown. Our 20’s are to learn, grow, and experience life as it flows. Most believe that by 25 you should be exactly where you thought you should be. New Flash: Most 25 year olds are NOT where they planned to be. Trust me. I know several that did not make everything in their ideal timeline for themselves. However, there are a few things I want to touch base on that will help you overcome “turning 30” anxiety.

Look over where you went wrong with in your 20’s. Embrace your mistakes and keep going. We often get stuck here for years and years at a time to the point where we do not stick to anything. For example, it took me forever to make a decision as to what I want to do in my career. I was stuck in dreaming instead of doing things that will help me get closer to my dreams. Do not be like me. Look over what you did NOT do for yourself in your 20’s and plan in your 30s.


Do not dwell on the bad/the past. Okay, we get. You are not where you want to be, but now that you have recognized that you aren’t where you need to be… move on. Dwelling does nothing but keep you stuck. Being stuck will not gain any progress. So do not dwell, but keep in mind you must take full responsibility for the things you did not so you can cope.


Look at your growth. Focus on where you have grown. Write those small victories down. For instance, I learned how to love myself. I take time for myself and schedule in “me time” by spending a few hours daily doing something that I love. Celebrate your small victories so you can see that just maybe you accomplished something after all.


I am firm believer that timing is everything and that what you put into something you will get results back in return. Work hard. Be your OWN competition. And show the world your God-given talents.



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