Give The Same Energy: My Christian Journey

Photograph found on Pinterest

So on May 26, 2019, I was at church for morning service and while we were taking communion I saw this little girl looking at the bread and juice that we were eating. She seemed to be feeling some kind of way because she was excluded from taking communion with everyone else. I could literally see her mouth these words,” Why can’t I have some?” I know I should of been more focused on taking communion but this child reminded me so much of myself.

When I was little, I remember being at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church and seeing everyone take communion or in my eyes eating a snack at church. I vaguely remember having the same reaction to communion as this little girl at my home church in Gallatin, TN, “Oh mama, I want some.” As most people that know me know that I hate to be excluded from things. I blame being the youngest for majority of my life to later being the middle child but that can be discussed in another blog. I am also very curious and always asking why. This was one of those moments of asking,”Well, why can’t I have a snack from the Lord?” This still cracks me up to this day. Fast forward to my first baptism, I remember being very young and being dumped into water. I remember having my first communion, that I was so excited about having. I finally got my snack from the Lord. Ha! I attended other churches after that , Christ Missionary Baptist (Memphis,TN) , New Direction Christian Church (Memphis,TN) , just to name a few. (Which I still love these congregations. They are literally my family!)

However, I do not think I took my christian walk/ journey seriously until I went to college. Well, it was little before that, maybe senior year of high school. I started reading the Bible for myself. Somethings wasn’t making sense biblically for me. I started going back to little ole me and asking “why” often. I turned back into a baby in christ to gain understanding of the Bible in it’s entirely. My best friend and sister Erica Roberts actually was the person that helped with my christian journey. If I had a question about the Bible she helped me understand it. I remember her inviting me to her church home, Quince Church of Christ and I visited. I believe I got re-baptized that Wednesday night. So yes, I was raised mostly in baptist churches and then I converted in college to church of christ.

I did not think that it was a huge deal to be “converted”. I honestly did not know what being “converted” into something else was. My mentality was simply this, the church is the body of believers NOT the building. I was just walking my christian journey searching for the truth. in other words, minding my own christian walk/business. I, for certain, had some backlash along the way. “YOU CONVERTED TO COC? WHY WOULD YOU?” “YOU KNOW THAT’S THE CHURCH THAT THINKS THEY ARE THE ONLY CHURCH THATS GOING TO HEAVEN RIGHT?!” “I WOULDN’T DARE ALLOW MY CHILDREN TO CONVERT TO THEM.” I was completely ignorant to these statements and I felt like an outcast. I wasn’t aware that the church of christ had such a bad rep nor did it concern me. I was literally just walking my journey with christ in search for the truth and understanding. I didn’t think I was going to heaven because of being “converted” into the church of Christ. So, it is safe to say I did not allow these comments to stop me from going to my home church. I am also aware of the judgmental attitude that some church of christ members had towards people that aren’t church of Christ. Which for certain isn’t christ like.

So back then, I was ignorant to communion which wasn’t indeed a snack (Ha!) to growing to truly understanding the Bible in context. So where do I stand with my christian journey today? I am no longer in search of the “truth or understand.” I am still studying the Bible which this year I decided to read the whole bible as my annual devotional. I recommend starting with the Bible Project. You can find it on the Bible app and it is truly amazing. The focus for this year is being more christ like in my daily life. I pay attention to if what I am saying, what I support and the way I act aligns with God’s word. I’ve also been focusing on my overall relationship with God. Talking and journaling to God more has helped me also get closer to him. As for a church home, I attend West Eastland Church of Christ. I visit other congregations from time to time that aren’t necessarily always church of christ. (Churches that are bible teaching churches because not all churches are created equal.) I am a huge fan of Michael Todd at Transformation Church. You can literally find all of his sermons on youtube.

What I want people to learn from my story is to continue your walk even when you are criticized for it. Continue to search for what you do not understand to gain knowledge. Determine what you need in your christian walk to get closer to God. Give the same energy that we give people we don’t know, like Beyonce, to God. Give the same energy from going to concerts and brunches as to going to worship with God at church. Basically, show up for God like we do for everyone else. The Lord wants us to congregate and worship with his people and bring lost souls to him. We are here to serve people and not ourselves. Do not be lazy with God. Our spiritual lives are just as important as our physical bodies. Just a reminder, your walk is YOUR walk. It is just you and God and the opinion of others do not matter. WHEW! I did not mean to end this blog all preachy. I am not perfect in any shape form or fashion. I am still learning daily about our savior and as you can see my walk with God was not perfect. As much Christian walks, perfect Ha!

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