Uninspired & Bothered


Photography by Jarvis Hughes

So, I went to my hometown Memphis, TN last weekend and on my way back I got stuck in traffic. So stuck in traffic that a 3 hour drive back to Nashville turned into a 5 and half hour drive. I was stuck, stuck. Bumper to Bumper stuck. Stomping on the brakes stuck. Going a good 2 mph stuck. So when I approached traffic, I panicked/ immediately got annoyed. 

“What alternative routes do I have?”

“This is a straight shot until Nashville. No, exits in sight that would help me get to Nashville sooner. So basically, I am stuck here.”

I bared those extra hours. While, I was in traffic I spoke with my best friend for a little bit until it was time for her to hit the sack. 

A few hours passed after. I was looking at the time and then my GPS alternating between the two just to see how many miles of traffic I had left to torture myself through. I truly did not feel like I was getting back home any sooner. I am stuck here for a little while longer. After every extra hour passed, I was getting more and more frustrated. So frustrated that I literally screamed in my car, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!” Anyone that knows me know that I am very impatient! (God is still working on me, do not judge.) 

I would say this,”Traffic started moving after I screamed.” HA! that’s when I realized something. 

This experience reminded of how I literally could not get out of a creative funk. I was stuck, stuck in my head. So stuck that I could not get inspired to write, draw, etc. I had no clue why I was creatively stuck. I was literally at a creative stand still. 

My mind then immediately thought of this scripture:

Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God,”

How often do we force things when God is telling us to be still? To sit? To do nothing? To rest? To trust him?

We do it way too often. While I was being uninspired I was trying to force my creativity by making myself draw something or even go back to old blogs to get inspired. Just like getting stuck in traffic, I wanted to force myself through traffic but I had no way out. God wanted me to wait for the perfect opportunity to create. God wanted me to trust him, instead I wasn’t seeking him I was trying to figure out everything on my own. God wanted me to call on him instead of myself hence the ,”OH MY GOD!” moment. 

One thing I prayed for this year was for God to use me in everything that I do and to touch those that God wanted me to touch with my gifts. 

Photography by Jarvis Hughes

With that being said, I couldn’t just make myself get out of a funk that I needed to be in just to inspire others. If I started to create while being in a funk, I would of produced some crap. Things that were forced. It’s only human to want to control every aspect of our lives, but that’s not what God wants us to do. He wants to be in control. He wants that bests for us. So the next time you are uninspired just take time and go with the flow. Ride the wave until it is time to create again. Do not force anything because anything forced is not you best. Do not be like me and try to force your way out. You will only get pushed back into the funk.

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