Only You Know| Get Yourself and Others Out of Your Head

Ah, I feel like I am sometimes the only person that consistently lives in their head. I am so much in my head that I hinder my dreams in a sense. Constantly piling my thoughts with what ifs and should ofs, I successfully drain myself daily with negativity and second thoughts. Creating an endless loop of thinking about things and not doing anything. Fun fact that everyone should know by now: WE ARE OUR WORST CRITIC. I am most definitely my worst critic and I also overanalyze. Always in my head. It gets overwhelming no doubt. I, however, have learned to spend less time out of my head and more time out doing things.

So how did I manage to do this? Simply by understanding that I am not alone here. There are plenty of people out here that have been through the same thing you have. Speaking things that are in your head out to those that you love can help with figuring out what you actually need to do. The only thing with this is understanding who you can give your issues to without them giving unsolicited advice. Not everyone around you can give you the advice that you need to hear and sometimes you simply just need to vent.

In reality, sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with so many ideas that we scare ourselves out of doing things. When this happens writing down everything in a journal helps. Writing things down allows your to prioritize your thoughts making them not so overwhelming. I personally write down my prayers as well so I can get my thoughts out to the Lord.

So I honestly hope these tips helped. I know there is a lot going on since the New Year. February is almost gone and everyone has set goals and aren’t really meeting their goals. So I highly understand the struggle. As always, God bless!

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