A Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

I am finally at the end of my 20’s and these two decades of life were a part in helping to become the woman I am today. So much uncertainty. So much heartbreak. So many learning experiences. So much of figuring myself out, but if I had to write a letter to my 20 year old self I would say the following:

Dear 20 Year Old Self,

Stop doubting yourself. You have so many ideas and things to share in this world and they are all brilliant. Doubting yourself set you back a little bit but later you became your own woman. Stop listening to what everyone wants for your life and start listening to your intuition. There are so many people around you trying to tell you about what you should and should not do. I know for certain that you do not like people getting in your head. Do not listen but ask God to reveal what he wants you to do. Being you is more than enough. Previously, I told you to stop doubting yourself. Being you will help others to be themselves. You have the power to change the world with just being who you are. Everyone around you will not appreciate who you are but you are called to not please everyone. You are only suppose to touch who God wants you to touch. Anyone that doesn’t love you back, needs to be eliminated. Even if you do not eliminate it now, God will eliminate it later. You often hold on to things that aren’t healthy for you because you fear of being alone. You will not be alone because God will bring people around you that will help you bring your light to others. You beat yourself up too much for making mistakes. Later, you will learn that those mistakes we made to help others. You are just amazing in your 20’s as you are in your incoming 30’s.

Be YOU because people will talk about you even if you do not be YOURSELF. Continue to be HONEST because someone will appreciate it. Continue to be kindhearted, you have always put others before yourself. KEEP shining. People will try to dim your light. DO not allow them. A good friend told me to never make yourself smaller to make others feel bigger. You are not small. You are a huge part of this world. Do not forget that.

P.S. Being 30 and not finishing all the things on your list is not the end of the world. This is just the beginning. God got you.

From your 30 year old self,

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