I Am Not The Loudest Person In The Room: Being True to Yourself

I was never really the popular person in school. I was a competitive cheerleader in both middle and high school but barely talked to my cheer mates. Often quiet in class and rarely raised my hand to speak. I didn’t really talk to a lot of people in school back then but however everyone remembered as the quiet cheerleader. Furthermore, most knew me as so & so’s little sister or so & so’s daughter or even so & so’s cousin. No identity of my own really. Without an identity in school while being so & so’s something, I still stayed true to myself. OH! and for the longest ever, I was the youngest in the family which did not help my situation what so ever.

In college, I only hung out with a few a people. Really the same people every single day. My major was quite demanding with school work, but sometimes I managed to make it to the probates and even a few homecoming parties. I wouldn’t say I was shy during this time. I was just very selective as to whom I let in my space as I’ve always been. I knew early on that most could not be trusted. Even though I wasn’t around much, many people remembered my face. My best friend Erica and I hung out with each other almost daily. Basically, we had each other in college and that’s all that mattered to me. I stayed true to myself.

Now Today, I have managed to gain more friendships but I am still the same person. The introverted woman that is still selective as to whom she keeps around. Still free spirited. Still independent. Still move to her own beat. Still have the same friends with a select few added. I am now a signed model, a designer, a writer, and new to youtube and still myself. My social media following is slim to none but still make an impact through everything I do. My plan is remain myself in everything that I decide to pursue. The point is basically this, being yourself is enough in this world. Do not allow anyone to tell you differently. Your accomplish and goals do not care what kind of person you are. God does not care what kind of person you are because he will still use you to relate to someone else. You will get where you want to be. You will find a path that is right for you. Your will move forward in life and all you have to do is just be yourself. I hope everyone had a great holiday and HELLO 2019!

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