Why “Not” Having It All Together by 30 is Okay


Photography by Treveylan Easter- kineticsmediagroup.myportfolio.com 

Who has anxiety about turning 30? Who starts to panic because they have  not accomplished what they thought they should in their 20’s? Who put so much pressure on themselves that they did NOT get everything on their vision board ?

If you said, yes to all of these things then you, my friend, are not alone.

I am turning 30 in a couple of months, January, 24th to be exact, and I haven’t done the following:

Made a solid decision of my future

Found a man. I’m single AF. ( Sorry mom, no wedding and/ or grand kids this year.)

Traveled the world. (I am broke, bruh.)

Let’s just say, I am not “living my best” life at the moment, but you know what I am okay with that.

What I have learned in my 20’s is that it is okay to explore a little bit.

We put so much unrealistic expectations on ourselves that we often forget to just live life for a moment and look at where you have grown. Our 20’s are to learn, grow, and experience life as it flows. Most believe that by 25 you should be exactly where you thought you should be. New Flash: Most 25 year olds are NOT where they planned to be. Trust me. I know several that did not make everything in their ideal timeline for themselves. However, there are a few things I want to touch base on that will help you overcome “turning 30” anxiety.

Look over where you went wrong with in your 20’s. Embrace your mistakes and keep going. We often get stuck here for years and years at a time to the point where we do not stick to anything. For example, it took me forever to make a decision as to what I want to do in my career. I was stuck in dreaming instead of doing things that will help me get closer to my dreams. Do not be like me. Look over what you did NOT do for yourself in your 20’s and plan in your 30s.


Do not dwell on the bad/the past. Okay, we get. You are not where you want to be, but now that you have recognized that you aren’t where you need to be… move on. Dwelling does nothing but keep you stuck. Being stuck will not gain any progress. So do not dwell, but keep in mind you must take full responsibility for the things you did not so you can cope.


Look at your growth. Focus on where you have grown. Write those small victories down. For instance, I learned how to love myself. I take time for myself and schedule in “me time” by spending a few hours daily doing something that I love. Celebrate your small victories so you can see that just maybe you accomplished something after all.


I am firm believer that timing is everything and that what you put into something you will get results back in return. Work hard. Be your OWN competition. And show the world your God-given talents.



Jamie Venice- Writer/Content Creator of Jamie Venice.com

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2 thoughts on “Why “Not” Having It All Together by 30 is Okay

  1. We were just discussing this! Your 20s are definitely for figuring out who you are, making mistakes, learning from them, growing, and most importantly…having fun! That is time that you can’t get back so enjoy it! You have plenty of time trust me. I’m 31 and still discovering gifts that I didn’t know that I have so I’m in the process of planning my future as well. But I don’t feel behind in anyway. I feel that you’re more equip to plan your life in your 30s because you have some sense of what your purpose is, you have experienced things, and you have lived life! I thought I wanted to be a nurse when I was in my early 20s but experiencing different jobs changed that. Life can teach you things more than anyone ever could!


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