Where is my husband? The Love Story of my Grandparents


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I often wonder why I simply have not found my husband yet or better yet, he has not found me yet. Since, I don’t have a husband, spouse, and kids to love on my own, I often listen to other married couples chatter about life. To get to the point, one weekend in my hometown in Memphis, TN, I had the opportunity to hear the story as to how my grandparents got together.

Oh they so happen to be married for 57 years. What a blessing.

Let’s get to it so I won’t bore you with the introduction. As I accompany my grandma in the kitchen I simply asked as to how my grandma and granddad got together. Like seriously, he hit the jackpot when he married my grandmother. She got teary eyed for a second and then she smiled and began to speak. These are the words she responded to me:

“Well, for starters, your grandad did not talk to me first, your aunt did. He sent her out to get my number for him. I also made it quite clear that I had a boyfriend at the time but it was okay that we talked on the phone. We talked on the phone a lot and I did not know he cared that much about me until one day I got really sick. Your grandad brought over juice and food that I needed to get well. He was an awesome friend. When he got deployed in the Army, we kept in contact through sending letters daily. (My grandad was a mechanic for the Army.) We just talked and became friends and later on we got married and had kids.”

I purposely did not ask for a timeline of events or even ask about where that boyfriend went off to. Well we all know the answer to that, my Grandad swept her off her feet.

Sounds a bit simple right? However, I want to point this out about my grandparents story. They were friends first. They built on their friendship that allowed them to gain each other’s trust and love. They even kept in contact during the hard times (when my grandad got deployed.) They also did not have the technology today where you can block people from your phone or better yet mute messages. They had good ole paper and pencil or sometimes a phone with no caller ID.

For those that do not know me and my family personally, my grandfather was the ultimate gentlemen. He took care of my grandmother. I literally used to hear stories about my grandfather starting the bath water for her every morning so she didn’t have to when she awake. He started her car during the winter time before she headed out to work so her car would not be cold. Oh and they both went to church together every Sunday. I witnessed all of this when I was younger. Every door was opened just for her from my granddad’s hands.

See, how I see love is through the eyes of my grand parents and how God blessed them with that sacrificial love for one another. They loved one another and did things that made each other happy. How simplistic and amazing is that.

So the beginning question as to Where is my husband? He is out there somewhere but however, he will have to live to my grandad’s example. He was a gentleman, a man of God, and a provider to his family.

This was written in loving memory of my Grandfather Denson Taylor,Sr. He recently passed on July 4th, 2018. You will be missed and we are so blessed to enjoyed your company, enlightening sense of humor, presence and wisdom.

Love your one of your granddaughters,


Jamie Venice 

Writer and Owner Jamie Venice.Com

Interior Stylist/Artist

8 thoughts on “Where is my husband? The Love Story of my Grandparents

  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love them both SO much…and yes, their love was truly inspiring to use all❤ Love,
    Their “Other Daughter”


  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love them both SO much…and yes, their love was truly inspiring to us all❤ Love,
    Their “Other Daughter”


  3. What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather and me. Thank you sweetie for all the details of our life together and I thank God for beautiful memories. Love you Miss Smith!!!


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