Memphian Living in Nashville: My first Art Crawl Experience



I have now been a resident of the 615 for close to two years now and haven’t gotten out. I have been sitting on my butt until my good friend Miranda pretty much forced me to get the feel of Nashville. I appreciate her for getting me out. I do not know the hotspots yet. Still learning how to navigate this overwhelmingly crowded city.


Like seriously, Downtown Nashville is always crowded. ALWAYS crowded. Me being the introverted person I am, too many people equals too much for me.

Art By Herb Williams. Media: Crayons Instagram: @herbwilliamsart



So the art crawl is basically like a bar hop for Art Galleries. You start at the Arcade and work your way to the Art Galleries on the strip. Never experienced anything like this before. I was super excited to see the local art and talk with some of the local artists. Oh you also get free cocktails! Free Drinks and Free Art, you can not go wrong here.


Art at the Gallery. Artist: Unknown

 I enjoyed my first art crawl experience. I will definitely go again! If you are in the Nashville area they have this event first Saturday of month.




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