What I’m focusing on in 2018. Love, Growth, & Prosperity


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It is getting closer to that time of the year where we decide to be reflective of our lives. We  start to look back at our New Year’s Resolutions, Vision Boards, and To Do lists to measure our progress of the year. However, I would like to challenge everyone to ask yourself where did you become better.


What did you accomplish and focus on that. Become celebratory of the hurdles you’ve jumped.

What did you begin and plan to finish? Make goals to accomplish those this coming up year.

What relationships stayed and which ones disappear? Pay attention to those and nurture them.

We often focus on what we did not do instead of what we have done. Even if it is not much of an accomplishment, you made a step forward.


This year, for me, was a year of learning myself. What I can tolerate. What I can no longer tolerate. What makes me happy. What makes me unhappy. When should I speak? When should I not speak? What makes me who I am as a person.

So, with that being said, I have decided to focus on what made me happy this year and continue do more of that. these are a few things I am focusing on coming into the new year.


Photography by Jarvis Hughes



Loving more. What I mean by loving more, has zero to do with my love life. Loving everyone that I come encounter with. Just geunienly giving love back to the world. The way this world is headed we all need a little love, right?


Living in the moment. Living more in the moment, instead of documenting my every move on social media has helped me this year. I enjoy moments with others and keep those moments close to my heart.

Stopping the over-thinking. I am the queen of over thinking. Even when stuff goes right, I overthink. What if this doesn’t go how I picture it? What if I am being completely used by this man, just for his own personal gain? See how this gets you completely no where? The more you over think, the more you stop moving. I vow to myself to stop the over thinking.

Travel more/Experience More People. I spent way too much time in TN this year. I need to get out a little bit. I will make myself travel more and see the world. I honestly believe, I am not meeting more great people because I have not experienced the world enough.



Continue getting closer to God. The bible saved me this year. If it truly wasn’t for God, I could not get through this year. With God, I am loved and comforted. The closer I am to him, the more I understand my true self.

Doing what I love more. Not just career wise, but also in a general sense. I have always had the love to help others. It makes me happy really. Nothing brings me more joy than to do something that makes my heart happy.I need to do more of that for sure.

Eliminate Distractions. Social Media, I swear you have been the death of me. I am so distracted by other people’s lives that I found myself comparing my moves with theirs. However, this coming year, there will be none of that stuff. Social Media, you will not win this battle.

Stop making excuses and just do. I make a lot of excuses as to why I do not do something. there is always an excuse. I can not do “this” because of “that”. Well, no more excuses. This road to happiness requires no excuses.

Letting the old things go while replacing them with better things.  I have decided to let things go that do not make me happy or add to my growth completely. You can not have any growth if you are still living in old soil. So for now on, old hurt and mistakes will not define me and my decisions in life. They are hindering me more than anything.


What are your goals for 2018? What have you accomplished this year? Share in the comments .Even if you believe you have not accomplished a thing. Be Great



Jamie Venice

Owner/Interior Stylist/Blogger of VeniDecor.com

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