Not-so-Traditional Christmas


I am not completely against the traditional red and green Christmas decorations but it’s just not my style.

Nevertheless, this year I have been running towards darker tones and hues. Green is still present, however, in the greenery/garland only. Christmas décor is no longer boring, now, you will see more of a mixture of matte black and geometric shapes. I guess you say it’s “minimalistic-modern”.



Sapphire & Gold


Geometric Shapes,Blues, Gold, ,Matte Black, and a hint of gold. I am seeing more and more of sapphire blue ornaments on Christmas trees. I am also loving that most of the ornaments are in a matte finish. Less sparkly and more matte! You will also see geometric shaped gold ornaments in the mix to give a hint of modern.


Green & Neutrals with candles as accents for dining. Greenery is wrapped around candles with little to no additional accent color. If there is an accent, it will be neutral, silver, or gold.  It gives it a moody/modern look to your dining setting. Bringing more mood/ambiance to the dining area. The overall focal point here, is the greenery.



Geometric & Asymmetrical Wreaths. A different alternative to your typical green or burlap wreath, go geometric and add any greenery as you like. You will probably see a geometric metal wreath on my door step. Asymmetrical Wreaths are also in. Pick your favorite floral, add little green leaves, and have at it.


How are you dressing up your rooms for the holidays? What colors and such spark your interest this year?

Be Bold, Be Blessed. Be Safe.

Enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of these images.

Jamie Venice

Creator/Blogger/Interior Stylist of



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