Fall Home Décor Trends of 2017

Ohhh, Is it fall again? This year is really going passed us. In four months, we will be close to 2018. It is pretty insane as to how fast time goes by. But anyways, with every season comes different home decor trends, however, when researching what is popular this year I did not want to see a chevron pumpkin. (Thank you, God!) Eh, but since I live in the south, I am pretty sure I will see a few chevron pumpkin on a porch or two.

 You know what we can do with chevron pumpkins and burlap? Throw them in the trash!

Do not hate the messenger. Burlap and pumpkins are a bit played out. Sorry to say. Let’s discuss my favorite fall home decor trends of 2017.


My Fall Decor Trend Picks for 2017:



Emerald Green and Blush-You will see a repeat of emerald greens in furniture as wall as wall art. I was excited to see my favorite color pink come into play for this fall season. Blush will mostly be in your accessories and throws.



Brass is going to be used more often in your lighting fixtures, accessories, and coffee tables will have accents of brass. Love it!




Velvet & Leopard Print– Pillows are not your traditional ” fall” pillows. I am not seeing much of pillows that say “thankful” or “blessed” to put on your sectionals/ sofas this year. They are playing more with fabrics and textures. Velvet is here to stay! Velvet is not only going to be on your pillows but your sofas are in a dark navy. I am completely here for it. You will definitely see a few velvet pillows with leopard print.



Woven Accessories– For those who already have woven baskets in your home, you are definitely in trend. Woven baskets can not only be used for you plants but as your wall art. Hanging woven baskets on your wall adds texture.


Faux finished walls– Marble wallpaper is here and in trend. If you want an accent wall in your home this is the best time to change it up.



Lastly but not least,

Bohemian Accents– Bohemian accent rugs and poufs will continue to be seen throughout this season.

How are you guys getting your homes ready for fall? What are you favorites so far for the fall?


Best wishes and many blessings,

Jamie Venice


Photographs from Pinterest


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