What is Jamie Venice.com?


What is Jamie Venice.com? An interior decorating/home decor focused based blog created and published by Jamie Venice. This blog will not only focused on interior decorating but also every day life experiences and fashion. This platform will also give out decorating ideas to those who need it.

What made Jamie Venice.com? I wanted to share my design ideas to the world. I have been getting several request on social media as well as from friends to help with their homes. I am going to use to platform to also offer people design consultations upon request.

Where are you located? I am originally from Memphis, TN. I have recently moved to Nashville, TN due to a new job. I normally have clients in these two areas but I hope this platform grows where I can helps others around the United States. If Jamie Venice.com grows continuously then I will focus on other countries/continents as well.

Plans for the future with Jamie Venice:

I plan to just see where this site takes me. I want this to grow without limitations. A youtube channel is in the works as well. My prayers for this site is to touch as many people as possible. I hope to one day work with every aspect of design from textile design, product development, set decorating, etc. I love to create and exceed beyond everyones expectations of my gift. I hope this platform inspire others to do what they love. Live in the moment. It is 2017, if you are not doing what you love it is that time to do so.

“Phillippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

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